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70+ Windows 11 URI Commands You Can Access Through Run Window!

Essential URI Commands in Windows 11 for Improvise Productivity!

Windows 11 has a unique feature named URI Commands! URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier, and it is used to open specific settings pages or perform actions on your Windows PC. You need to use these URI commands in the Run Dialog box or Run Window to access these tasks. You can simply launch the Run Window using the keyboard shortcut WinKey + R.

URI commands save time by letting you jump directly to the settings you need. This is handy for IT professionals and anyone who often adjusts system settings. You can create shortcuts with URI commands to quickly open your most-used settings or apps. URI commands are useful in support guides or forums, making it easy for others to follow steps to fix issues or change settings. I have listed below the commonly used and essential URI commands for Windows 11.

Windows 11 URI Commands Working Interface using RUN Window
Windows 11 URI Commands Working Interface using RUN Window

System URI Commands

ms-settings:Open the Settings app
ms-settings:aboutOpen the About section
ms-settings:activationOpen Activation settings
ms-settings:displayOpen Display settings
ms-settings:notificationsOpen Notifications settings
ms-settings:powerOpen Power & Sleep settings
ms-settings:storagesenseOpen Storage Sense settings
ms-settings:tabletmodeOpen Tablet Mode settings
ms-settings:batterysaverOpen Battery Saver settings
ms-settings:batterysaver-settingsOpen Battery Saver settings page
ms-settings:batterysaver-usagedetailsOpen Battery usage details
ms-settings:batterysaver-batterysaverOpen Battery Saver settings

Devices URI Commands

ms-settings:devicesOpen Devices settings
ms-settings:connecteddevicesOpen Connected Devices settings
ms-settings:bluetoothOpen Bluetooth settings
ms-settings:printersOpen Printers & Scanners settings
ms-settings:mousetouchpadOpen Mouse & Touchpad settings
ms-settings:touchpadOpen Touchpad settings
ms-settings:typingOpen Typing settings
ms-settings:autoplayOpen AutoPlay settings
ms-settings:usbOpen USB settings

Network & Internet URI Commands

ms-settings:networkOpen Network & Internet settings
ms-settings:network-statusOpen Network Status settings
ms-settings:network-wifiOpen Wi-Fi settings
ms-settings:network-wifi-settingsOpen Wi-Fi settings page
ms-settings:network-ethernetOpen Ethernet settings
ms-settings:network-dialupOpen Dial-up settings
ms-settings:network-vpnOpen VPN settings
ms-settings:network-airplanemodeOpen Airplane mode settings
ms-settings:network-mobilehotspotOpen Mobile hotspot settings
ms-settings:datausageOpen Data usage settings
ms-settings:network-proxyOpen Proxy settings

Personalization URI Commands

ms-settings:personalizationOpen Personalization settings
ms-settings:personalization-backgroundOpen Background settings
ms-settings:personalization-colorsOpen Colors settings
ms-settings:personalization-lockscreenOpen Lock screen settings
ms-settings:personalization-themesOpen Themes settings
ms-settings:personalization-startOpen Start settings
ms-settings:personalization-taskbarOpen Taskbar settings

Accounts URI Commands

ms-settings:emailandaccountsOpen Email & Accounts settings
ms-settings:yourinfoOpen Your info settings
ms-settings:signinoptionsOpen Sign-in options
ms-settings:workplaceOpen Access work or school settings
ms-settings:familyOpen Family & other users settings
ms-settings:syncOpen Sync your settings

Time & Language URI Commands

ms-settings:dateandtimeOpen Date & Time settings
ms-settings:regionformattingOpen Region settings
ms-settings:regionlanguageOpen Language settings
ms-settings:regionOpen Region settings
ms-settings:region-languageOpen Language settings

Gaming URI Commands

ms-settings:gamingOpen Gaming settings
ms-settings:gaming-gamebarOpen Game Bar settings
ms-settings:gaming-gamedvrOpen Game DVR settings
ms-settings:gaming-broadcastingOpen Broadcasting settings
ms-settings:gaming-gamemodeOpen Game Mode settings

Ease of Access URI Commands

ms-settings:easeofaccessOpen Ease of Access settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-narratorOpen Narrator settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-magnifierOpen Magnifier settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-highcontrastOpen High contrast settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-closedcaptioningOpen Closed captioning settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-keyboardOpen Keyboard settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-mouseOpen Mouse settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-otheroptionsOpen Other options

Privacy URI Commands

ms-settings:privacyOpen Privacy settings
ms-settings:privacy-locationOpen Location settings
ms-settings:privacy-webcamOpen Camera settings
ms-settings:privacy-microphoneOpen Microphone settings
ms-settings:privacy-contactsOpen Contacts settings
ms-settings:privacy-calendarOpen Calendar settings
ms-settings:privacy-callhistoryOpen Call history settings
ms-settings:privacy-emailOpen Email settings
ms-settings:privacy-messagingOpen Messaging settings
ms-settings:privacy-radiosOpen Radios settings
ms-settings:privacy-customdevicesOpen Custom devices settings
ms-settings:privacy-backgroundappsOpen Background apps settings
ms-settings:privacy-appdiagnosticsOpen App diagnostics settings
ms-settings:privacy-automaticfiledownloadsOpen Automatic file downloads settings
ms-settings:privacy-documentsOpen Documents settings
ms-settings:privacy-picturesOpen Pictures settings
ms-settings:privacy-videosOpen Videos settings
ms-settings:privacy-broadfilesystemaccessOpen Broad file system access settings
ms-settings:privacy-feedbackOpen Feedback settings
ms-settings:privacy-activityhistoryOpen Activity history settings
ms-settings:privacy-notificationsOpen Notifications settings
ms-settings:privacy-accountinfoOpen Account info settings
ms-settings:privacy-phonecallsOpen Phone calls settings
ms-settings:privacy-otherdevicesOpen Other devices settings
ms-settings:privacy-backgroundtasksOpen Background tasks settings
ms-settings:privacy-syncwithdevicesOpen Sync with devices settings

Update & Security URI Commands

ms-settings:windowsupdateOpen Windows Update settings
ms-settings:windowsupdate-actionOpen Windows Update actions
ms-settings:windowsupdate-optionsOpen Windows Update options
ms-settings:windowsupdate-restartoptionsOpen Windows Update restart options
ms-settings:windowsupdate-historyOpen Windows Update history
ms-settings:windowsupdate-advancedoptionsOpen Windows Update advanced options
ms-settings:windowsdefenderOpen Windows Defender
ms-settings:backupOpen Backup settings
ms-settings:troubleshootOpen Troubleshoot settings
ms-settings:recoveryOpen Recovery settings
ms-settings:findmydeviceOpen Find My Device settings
ms-settings:developersOpen For developers settings

Apps URI Commands

ms-settings:appsfeaturesOpen Apps & features settings
ms-settings:optionalfeaturesOpen Optional features settings
ms-settings:defaultappsOpen Default apps settings
ms-settings:offline-mapsOpen Offline maps settings
ms-settings:appsforwebsitesOpen Apps for websites settings

These commands can be used to quickly navigate to specific settings pages in Windows 11.

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